About the Michael Harrington Center

The Michael Harrington Center was formed at Queens College to honor Michael Harrington's life-long commitment to social justice and democracy.

A beloved Political Science Professor until his death in 1989, Harrington is best known for The Other America, a moving portrait of the poor in rural and urban America, that inspired the War on Poverty.

The Center exists to promote public, democratic discussion of social issues, to advocate for social change and to work in partnerships with others to build a more just, equitable and democratic society. The Center is concerned with the employment, education, health, and community needs of the economically disadvantaged, as well as conflict resolution. The conflict resolution work of the Michael Harrington Center and the academic curriculum it has developed regarding America and the Middle East as well as its cultural diplomacy programming for the broader community has increasingly become a central part of the Center's mission. Information is included under the subtitle "Meeting of Minds".

About Michael Harrington

An author, educator, and political activist, Michael Harrington stood in the tradition of Eugene V. Debs, A. Philip Randolph, Norman Thomas and others who believed in the vitality and promise of American democracy. His most influential book, The Other America, exposed the prevalence of poverty in the midst of America's post-WWII affluence and is widely acknowledged as the inspiration for the war on poverty during the 1960's. Michael Harrington was a Distinguished Professor of Political Science on the faculties of Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


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