An Insider's Look at the United States and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

When: Fall 2009

In this award winning course, students will get an insider's look at the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the role of the United States, as well as the forces that have shaped its policies. They will study with leading Israeli, Arab, Palestinian and American scholare, negotiators, policy makers, and activists who have been at the center of the elusive quest for peace. We will be exploring a number of key questions with the experts including the following:

  • Is Israeli/Palestinian peace possible, inevitable, or contingent?
  • Why did the Camp David II negotiations fail?
  • Can Hamas evolve into part of a political solution, or is it by its nature part of the problem?
  • Is the Arab League Peace Initiative a plausible basis for a diplomatic breakthrough?
  • Will the Obama Administrations' emphasis on projecting less "empire" and more "umpire" help to mediate the "threats" emanating from Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah?
  • Are the new governments of Obama and Netanyahu headed for collision, cooperation, or what?