Sesame Street in the Middle East: Paving the Road for Coexistence

When: Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 6pm
Where: LeFrak Concert Hall
Lewis Bernstein, a Queens College alum, spoke about his experience as executive producer of a joint Israeli-Palestinian production of "Sesame Street". Broadcast within Israel and the Palestinian Authority, "Rechov Sumsum" (Hebrew)/Shar'a SimSim (Arabic) featured Israeli and Palestinian Children, as well as Middle East versions of the puppets familiar to millions of Americans. Bernstein was joined by two of his colleagues, Danny Labin and Naila Farouky. Labin is the Country Director for Israel, India and Russia, and Farouky is Producer for International Global Production for Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, India, Jordan and Palestine. Bernstein and his colleagues closed with a discussion of their broader effort to bring "Sesame" to the Arab and Islamic world. Audience members later mingled with the presenters over a banquet of sumptuous halal and kosher food.